I've always believed the men and women who decide to race on the roads are some of the bravest, courageous and most single minded people you will ever meet. You need an unshakeable belief in your own abilities when the only thing separating you from telegraph poles, walls, wire fences, trees and hedges at 150mph is a small strip of rubber and your own skill. These people are unique, the sport itself is unique and my aim is to always try and do it justice with the images I capture.

I'm Peter (or rather William Peter Faragher to give me my full title and hence the website name WPFotos) and I was lucky enough to be born and raised on the amazing Isle of Man, basically ensuring I have an inbuilt love of Motorsport. In 2009 I started taking photos at the events which I had previously just spectated at and found it both very enjoyable and pretty addictive to be honest. My quest for the "perfect picture" had begun, despite the fact I wasn't sure (and am still not completely sure) what that would look like!